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The experienced team at Governmental Consulting Solutions, Inc. has a record of success. Our firm can tailor a strategy based on your specific goals for engagement in Illinois, whether it involves a long-term plan or immediate action.

We are ready to meet your needs.


Governmental Relations

With decades of experience and an extensive network of contacts, our lobbying team is ready to address a wide range of political and governmental challenges. GCS can design and execute a comprehensive strategy to help your organization succeed in its policy and messaging goals, both by advancing the beneficial and by suppressing the negative. Oftentimes these activities work hand-in-hand, and we will guide you through the process to attain the desired outcomes.

Policy Monitoring & Reporting

GCS utilizes legislative resources and technology to ensure that we stay current on all upcoming hearings, meetings, proposed legislation and amendments, as well as any major agency rule makings that may impact our clients. We provide written and/or oral reports to our clients throughout the legislative session and in the interim as needed.

Bill Drafting & Process Mgmt

GCS will work with you to realize your legislative goals. We start with a concept and translate that into legislation that we will usher through the process. By working closely with legislators, staff, and stakeholders that either support or oppose your concept, we will advance your idea each step of the way. This includes developing and refining informational materials, written and oral testimony, rulemaking comments, and other materials as needed.

State Budget Advocacy

The GCS team has over 20 years of combined experience in negotiating the annual state budget at the highest levels. Using that knowledge, we can develop the best strategy to pursue state funding for your needs. This includes not only identifying the technical approach with the greatest likelihood of success, but also executing a communication strategy with the right people at the optimal steps in the budget-making process.

Relationship Building & Targeted Communication
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An effective strategy relies not only on activity during the legislative session, but on organizing a continuing effort to develop your message and relay that message to decision makers, stakeholders, and the public. This often means creating communication strategies, developing alliances, and forging coalitions of support - which can take much time and commitment to do well. 


We at GCS have established a network built from the personal and professional relationships with legislators, staff within both the legislative and executive branches, and political and policy stakeholders. GCS will work with you to develop and refine your message and connect it to key decision makers and influencers. Our knowledge of the players in and around government will allow you to effectively disseminate your message to the target audience.

Association Management
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GCS works with associations interested in advocating for their industry or profession at the state level of government. We create a strategic plan for how your organization can leverage its members to make a strong impact in Springfield. Our team has more than 10 years of experience managing government affairs for several associations of various sizes.

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