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Our Clients & Accomplishments

  • Alloy Property Company LLC (Sterling Bay)  

  • Alternative Schools Network

  • Ameren

  • Bacon, Farmer, Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc.

  • City of Marion

  • Conservation Police Lodge

  • EQ Health Solutions, Inc.

  • Fleet Portfolio, LLC (Sterling Bay)

  • Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools

  • Illinois Deer Farmers Association

  • Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation

  • J & J Ventures Gaming, LLC

  • Kentucky Municipal Power Agency

  • Lucy’s Place

  • Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

  • Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits


  • Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen Engineering

  • University of Illinois

  • Village of Bolingbrook

  • Village of Lemont

  • Will County Governmental League

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Below is a sampling of our legislative accomplishments.

Tristar Development  

  •    $6.8 million dollar new interchange           

  •    Tristar – Gateway Commerce Center, Pontoon Beach, IL  

  •    $2.5 million dollars for Chain of Rocks Road

City of O'Fallon

  • $750,000 for OSLAD Grant for O’Fallon Park         

  •    City of O’Fallon – O’Fallon, IL          

  •    $200,000 for Road Resurfacing      

  •    $750,000 for the Phase II of the O’Fallon Recreational Complex  

  •    $440,000 from ITEP-IDOT for the acquisition of land for the reconstruction of Bridge over I-64

  •    $80,000 from ITEP –IDOT for the renovation of land surrounding the Greenmount Road and I-64 interchange

  •    $700,000 in general Infrastructure improvement grants from the capital bill program   

  •    $2 million dollars secured for the construction of Old Collinsville Road   

  •    $2.2 million in Federal funds for the construction of Greenmount Road and I-64            

City of East St. Louis   

  •   $2.5 million dollars for Missouri Avenue, 1st through 10th St.      

Village of Swansea     

  • $200,000 for Fire Truck

  • $200,000 for Bikeway Trail

  • Secured $450,000 in new infrastructure grants for the village

  • $750,000 OSLAD Grant for Swansea Park

  • $450,000 OSLAD Grant for Swansea Bike Trail and Park

  • $200,000 grant for SPLASH Pad for the Village 

  • $30 million in low interest loan from IEPA Water Loan Program 

  • $1.8 million in Federal funds for the improvement of Huntwood Road

Madison County Transit

  • $400,000 for Bikeway Trail

  • $2.74 Million for Bike Trail in Madison County

  • $5 million in new funds for para transit vehicle purchase

  • Passage of SB 328 and SB 1549 to increase operating grants to the Transit District         

  • $1.2 million for the Levee Bike Trail from ITEP-IDOT grant funds

Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits

  • Avoided a liquor tax increase as part of the Capital Bill     

  • Implemented the use of credit cards for the wholesale purchase of liquor      

Koman Development – Collinsville Acquisitions LLC

  • Passage of HB 826 – Municipal abilities to create business redevelopment districts for blighted and/ordistressed areas

Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits/The Village of Bolingbrook, IL

  • $1.1 million for Road and Economic Development

Zeman Manufactured Housing

  • Passage of HB 4651 – Providing state mandates for separation and setback requirements for mobile homes

City of Marion

  • City of Marion/Marion Heights LLC

    • $300,000 for Design work on I-57  

  • Marion Heights - $8.5 million dollars for design and construction of overpass on I-57 near Marion       

    • SB2093 – Assisting in the creation of the State of Illinois’ first STAR BOND District         

Prairie State Generation Company

  •   SB 1221 – Secured $5million dollars for the Marissa, Illinois Coal to Electricity Facility    

Power Holdings LLC   

  • Passage of SB90 – Allowing coal gasification projects to proceed with locked in supply rate

  • Passage of SB1814 – Allowing coal gasification projects to access DCEO and other State incentive programs   

  • Passage of SB 2660 – Allowing for Non-Impairment Clause for Coal Gasification Project

  • Passage of SB 1987 – Providing further legislation to assist coal gasification technology to advance with the  ability for the State of Illinois to mandate sequestration requirements for CO2            

  • SB 1221 – Secured $6 million in coal development grant funds for the Jefferson County project           

  • Southwestern Illinois College          

  • Securing $180,000 for the Schmidt Art Center for the Southwestern Illinois College Foundation           

  • Securing $3.5 Million for the Sam Wolff Granite City Campus for renovations and upgrades

  • Securing $7.7 million for the Fire Science Center at the Belleville Campus           

  • Securing $19.1 million for the new Liberal Arts Building at the Belleville Campus      

Illinois Pawnbrokers Association

  • Passage of SB 2996 allowing for protections for government seizures

City of Vandalia 

  • Worked with the Administration to increase the prison population by an additional 550 before the 2010-11 Census

  • Secured $200,000 in infrastructure improvement grants for the City of Vandalia

  • Assisted in the expediting of payments from the State to the City of Vandalia related to water and sewer costs of the prison

Keystone Steel & Wire

  • Negotiated new agreement between the company and the State on Utility Tax Exemption saving the company $1.5 million dollars a year.  

  • Passage of SB 328 to allow for a lower threshold job requirement for the ability to qualify for the utility tax exemption

Metro East Park & Recreation District

  • Securing $2 million dollars for the creation of the Scott-Troy Bike Trail between Madison and St. Clair County through ITEP – IDOT Grant 2008

  • Securing $3 million dollars for the creation of the Scott-Troy Bike Trail between Madison and St. Clair County through ITEP – IDOT Grant 2010

  • Securing $1.3 million dollars for Metro East Park and Trail improvements through ITEP-IDOT 2006

Quad Cities Metrolink

  • Increase of annual operating funds through the passage of SB 1549 and SB 328

  • Secured $15.65 million for new transit facility in Rock Island        

  • Secured $2 million for the new transit facility in Rock Island        

  • Secured $4.2 million in federal funds for the new transit facility in Rock Island   

  • Secured Recovery Zone Bonds of $9 million for the financing of the new transit facility

Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation

  • Expanded program assessment to mobile phones and prepaid telecommunications plans        

  • Broadened the number of providers who can certify access to the program by including hearing instrument   

  • dispenser

Conservation Police Lodge

  • Passed legislation to provide pension parity with the Illinois State Police

J & J Ventures

  • Averted a proposal from the Governor’s office to re-structure gaming tax to parallel casinos    

  • Increase maximum bets, increased the number of machines per location, and implemented progressive betting Kentucky Municipal Power Agency

  • Delayed the forced de-carbonization of the Prairie State Generating Facility by 8 years

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“If you have any client testimonials, we can put that here.”

Alexa Young, Sample Company

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